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Our Search experts, along with our partner’s AI technology, ensure you are making the best and most effective use of your Search budget right now, regardless of whether you are working with a Search Agency or running Search Campaigns in-house.

AI-driven Branded AdWords Optimization Audit (Free)

Get the definitive, quantitative answer to the age-old question “Am I actually wasting money by bidding on my own Brand keywords?"
Find out how much Google Adwords budget you are wasting by bidding on your own keywords when there is no competitor ad present. Remember: this is a budget you could be spending on other platforms and truly growing your web traffic.

We leverage our partner’s AI technology and determine your optimal branded AdWords strategy and eliminate cannibalization.
If you are already running branded Search campaigns:
  • We calculate the percentage of your budget wasted because you ran branded ads when no competitor ad was present. Those clicks should be free!
If you are not running branded Search campaigns:
  • We determine if you are allowing the competition to run “conquest campaigns” on terms where your Brand is ranked #1 organically, and where your brand ads should actually be present.
It is free. Just ask for it.
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Real-time, Zero-Cannibalization AdWords Automation (Free Trial)

You can stop needless Google Adwords cannibalization today. Best for companies already bidding on their own Brand name as part of their Google Adwords strategy (or those considering doing it).
Take action immediately after our expert gives you the definitive, quantitative answer to the age-old question “Am I actually wasting  money by bidding on my own Brand keywords?”
Here is how we’ll fight the good fight with you:
  • We’ll carry out the branded AdWords Optimization Audit
  • Based on the Audit results, our partner will install the AI system
  • The AI will automatically:
    • Identify and turn off your uncontested redundant ads
    • Turn your ads back on as soon as competitor ads appear
Be free to reallocate that wasted percentage of your total ad spend towards growth.
  • No cost - pay only a small percentage of the savings
But do not take our word for it - ask us for the FREE trial
  • First, test the AI in your environment with no risk and no obligation
  • If you’re not satisfied at the end of 30 days, you won’t be billed
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SEO & Content Strategy

Is your website content scattered and unorganized? Google hates that. Instead, maximize your chances to gain organic free traffic from search engines with the right Content Strategy.
We will set the process of organizing your website content by topic to improve the likelihood of your website appearing in search results. We will approach your SEO holistically and establish a roadmap for your content and blog writers and creators to follow. 

We will get there by analyzing and benchmarking your - as well as your competitors’ -- web properties, and assess them for technical performance and relevancy. 

Only then will your content be able to work both online, leveraging SEO, and offline to support sales and business development needs as well as your Thought Leadership.
  • Baseline SEO Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword-driven Content Priorities Blog Calendar
  • SEO-Optimized Content Writing
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High-Fidelity SEO Briefs

Power up your content, lighten up your workload, and make the SEO copywriting work like well-oiled machinery with quality SEO Briefs created by experienced SEO Inbound strategists.
Your writers, either on contract or in-house, are not SEO experts. Yet to create compelling SEO-driven content they need SEO Briefs to guide them -- and good briefs are very time-consuming for you to create.  

Our experienced SEO Inbound strategists will write briefs that include:  Suggested title; Keywords to be included (or relevant terms); Primary sources that can be cited; A brief competitive analysis; Approx. word count; Suggested content structure (H2s, H3, etc. when applicable); and more.

Hire one of our SEO Inbound strategists to take a primary keyword and just run with them!
  • Research the topic
  • Write the Briefs
  • Manage the writers
  • Edits and publishes on the blog
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The Writer/SEO Inbound Strategist combo

Scale content creation with turnkey Writer/SEO Inbound Strategist services at your fingertips.
Successful marketing managers create a scalable, smooth-running process that minimizes routine work and adds effectiveness and efficiency.

Hire one of our teams made up of an SEO Inbound Strategist and a Content writer and get efficient content creation for your SEO-optimized blog solution.
  • The SEO Inbound Strategist researches and writes the Briefs, manages writers, edits and publishes on the blog
  • The Content Writers write the posts following the Briefs
  • You get a well-oiled content creation engine
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