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Services that scale with vetted growth experts

Unlock and scale new customer acquisition and retention with vetted specialists on all major marketing channels and strategies.

  • Website Design & Development
  • Brand Development & Strategy
  • Email & Marketing Automation
  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO
  • Social Media Marketing (Organic & Paid)
  • Paid Search
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Web Analytics & Dashboards
  • Technical Web Help
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Fractional VP Marketing
  • SEO Inbound Briefs
  • Copywriting & Content Marketing

Hire experts on marketing tools and no-code/low-code platforms

What our clients are saying:

Ajai Sehgal

CTO, Hootsuite
“I had the pleasure of working with Raquel for a little over a year where she came in, built a highly functional web operations team and transformed a web site with underperforming online marketing and demand generation functions into a highly effective lead generation engine. Raquel's entrepreneurial mindset combined with her orientation to action and delivering measurable results was the key to success for her team."

Soroush Karimzadeh

CEO, Novarc Technologies Inc.
“It was a pleasure to work with Raquel. She was able to quickly grasp core concepts in a brand new industry where she had no prior experience. She developed a clearly articulated Value Proposition inventory which formed the basis of the online and offline marketing materials. She also built a successful demand-generation marketing funnel by incorporating tried and true online and social media strategies and tactics."

Chris Dickin

Head of Digital Banking, Central 1 Credit Union
“We engaged Raquel to help build an channel marketing and sales services offering to enable us to serve better our client network across the country by increasing their own financial product sales and revenues online. In working with Raquel we were able to leverage her in-depth understanding of online marketing and sales. Although we are still in development mode, Raquel delivered on our expectations and we are pleased with her guidance.”

Josh Bluman

VP, Marketing, Fresh Prep
“Rarely do you get the privilege of working for someone like Raquel. She is a true leader with an extraordinary ability to see through noise in an organization and pinpoint key problems or opportunities where change is needed—and then make that change a reality. Within just several months, I witnessed Raquel build a top notch web team combining experts in strategy, UX design, copywriting, analytics and SEO."

Jeff Loeb

CMO, Vidyard
"I hired Raquel to drive a mission-critical website deployment. Raquel excelled at jumping onto a fast moving train and leading the project to success while achieving our aggressive timeline. Raquel is a strategic thinker that is able to translate plans into outcomes. She is a very skilled program manager, able to engage and align both internal stakeholders and 3rd party service providers..."

Ken Cahoon

Managing Parter, ModoHR Technologies
Raquel’s “fractional executive” business model was able to assess our needs, and seamlessly integrated her team of outsourced senior-level experts, who complement her skillset, and delivered what's needed to launch a mature marketing strategy at an early stage. As a result, we were able to accelerate growth and stay lean by accessing what we needed just when we need it, while at the same time, Raquel helped us build a cost effective inside team to support the company post launch, and beyond.

Turnkey marketing Solutions for rapid growth

Supercharge your own marketing team with vetted world-class experts, available on-demand. Our proven demand-gen experts take immediate action with clear, data-driven strategies that rip into your growth-hungry business, then execute with precision for measurable results.

Foundation Marketing Solution

In just four steps, gain immediate traction and lay the proper foundations for your business

  1. Value Proposition Workshop
  2. Lean Brand Identity
  3. Conversion-driven Website
  4. SEO & Content Strategy

Conversion Readiness Solutions

Gain more customers and more revenue per customer without driving more traffic to your website with Conversion Rate Optimization. Choose the Conversion Optimization (CRO) solution that works for you:

  1. Web Page Conversion Optimization Audit
  2. Website Conversion Optimization Strategy
  3. End-to-end CRO strategy and execution
  4. Conversion copywriting training
  5. Outsourced CRO development

Marketing Automation Solutions

Engage your leads and customers as individuals by planning for a ‘single source of truth’ and avoid bigger and bigger problems as you scale.

  1. Marketing Automation Audit
  2. Marketing Automation Onboarding and Set Up

Better/Best Search Optimization Solutions

Working with a Search Agency or running Search Campaigns in-house? It does not matter to us; we play nice with everybody. Ensure you are making the best and most effective use of your Search budget with our optimization Solutions.

  1. AI-driven Branded AdWords Optimization Audit (Free)
  2. Real-time, zero-cannibalization AdWords Automation (Free Trial)
  3. SEO & Inbound Content Strategy
  4. Quality SEO Briefs by experienced SEO Inbound strategists
Learn more about the GoDemandGen agile approach, designed to shorten sales cycles and scale growth at hyper-speed.
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