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Does your company have a ‘single source of truth’ for all the contact data for Leads and Customers, coming from all sources? If not, you will incur bigger and bigger problems as your company scales and your business model evolves.

Marketing Automation Audit

Best for companies with established Marketing Automation tools unable to grow because there is no proper documentation in place.
Are you unable to scale because there is no proper marketing automation documentation in place? We can fix this with our proprietary Marketing Automation systems audit. 

After the audit, you will understand how your system is being used, as well as know what gaps exist. You will be able to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement. You will gain a deep understanding of what you do/do not know about your customers on the system. You will have clarity on your lead flow process, from Nurturing through to Customer Onboarding.

With this documented shared understanding of your company’s current Marketing Automation set up, how it works (and doesn’t work), we will deliver prioritized recommendations on opportunities to improve current processes.

  • Document clearly defining the current state of affairs of your company’s Marketing Automation processes
  • Specifications for Reporting and Dashboard requirements
  • Clear compliance procedures and processes
  • Prioritized recommendations and roadmap to improve your company’s current processes and campaign results
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Marketing Automation Onboarding and Set Up

Achieve optimal Marketing Automation results with minimal manual intervention and get a single source of truth for all your sales and marketing activity.
Are you considering purchasing a Marketing Automation solution? Our technology-agnostic Marketing Automation experts can optimize and help you expedite this key decision. 

If your company already has a Marketing Automation solution (such as Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot or any of the many solutions available), we can set the system right for optimal results and minimal manual intervention.

Using industry best practices, we will implement the Marketing Automation system you chose (and help you choose one, if you'd like) so that it is optimized for both inbound and outbound marketing activities, and aligned with your Sales team's needs.

  • A roadmap with all the elements you need to create in your Lead journey, including;
    • Documentation of processes for future reference and refinement as well as new team member training
    • A fully functional Marketing Automation tool, customized for your organization’s Sales and Marketing processes
  • Two email templates to use immediately
  • One Nurture program to support your Demand-Generation program
    • One Executive Dashboard to track results
    • Live Training session (and its video) plus support materials for future reference
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