Marketing Foundation Solution

In just just four agile steps, gain immediate traction and lay the foundations for your business with the right demand-generation foundation, well before you spend any budget on any paid acquisition.

Step 1

Value Proposition Workshop

Without a doubt, a successful demand-generation strategy always starts with a clearly articulated Value Prop for each target Persona. We'll prepare you with the right questions, then conduct a half-day workshop with you and your team, so that together uncover the insights you need to properly get your business established in the market, positioned right from the get-go.
  • Curated Discovery Questionnaire
  • Real-time, team-building workshop with your team members
  • Clearer business model
Step 2

Lean Brand Identity

Your brand is the relationship between you and your audience. Using our proprietary framework, we'll shape the perception of your company in the eyes of your target Personas by creating a beautiful and professional brand for your business that is unique in the market both visually and verbally (bonus: we can work with your existing logo!)
“Lean” Deliverables (minimal cost; maximum impact)
  • Visual Competitor Analysis and Scan
  • Your Visual Identity
  • Your Verbal Identity
  • Documentation of articulated Positioning, Personas and your Value Proposition
Step 3

Conversion-driven Website

Leads and sales drive your success. We'll build a conversion-driven website that meets the needs of your business model and propels your growth. 

Based on the Step 2, we'll articulate  your products and services clearly, and present them in a compelling user experience that fits your fresh brand identity and captures the leads and sales you need now.
  • Fully designed and developed website
  • Content focused on attracting prospects, communicating your value proposition, and capturing leads to be handed off to Sales
  • Technical SEO Foundation
  • Handoff including personalized Website Management Video Tutorial
Step 4

SEO & Content Strategy

Get top placement in search results pages. We will approach your SEO holistically and establish a roadmap for your content and blog writers and content creators. 

We will get there by analyzing and benchmarking your --as well as your competitors’ -- web properties and assess them for technical performance and relevancy. Your content with then be able to work both online (leveraging SEO) and offline (to support sales and business development needs as well as your Thought Leadership).
  • Baseline SEO Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword-driven Content Priorities Blog Calendar
  • SEO-Optimized Content Writing
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