Turnkey marketing packages for rapid growth

Tried and true demand-gen service bundles that deliver on the foundational marketing needs of fast growing companies through our client-proven formula.

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Stay curious

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Be respectful

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Do good work

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Meet the awesome team behind Spoon. We’re bridging the gap between the world’s oldest and largest industry and a future where technology can be used to solve our hardest problems.

Get your business both market-ready and investor-friendly with proven strategies that deliver.

The 4-Step Startup Package

Everything you need to get your business established in the market with a clear value proposition to the right targets, a strategically positioned brand, a conversion-driven website, and a compelling pitch/sales deck.


Value Proposition Workshop

A successful demand-generation strategy always starts with a clear articulation of the Value Prop for each target Persona. We'll assemble the right questions, conduct a half-day workshop with you, and together uncover the insights we need to position your business right.


Lean Brand Identity

Your brand is the relationship between you and your audience. Using our framework, we'll create a beautiful and professional brand for your business that is unique in the market and designed to connect with your target audience - both visually and verbally (bonus: you just might not need a new logo!)


Conversion-driven Website

Leads and sales drive your growth. We'll build a conversion-driven website to meet the needs of your business model. We'll articulate your products and services clearly, and present them in a compelling user experience that fits your fresh brand. Plus, we'll set up engagement devices to deliver proof of the value you bring.


The Workhorse Pitch / Sales Deck

You've got the brand and website, and now you need something more personal and flexible to convert prospects into sales and potential investors into cash-on-hand. Our brand-inspired pitch decks follow proven best-practices and use a stunning layouts to get the job done.

The Website Conversion-Readiness Audit

You have a website but it is not converting enough traffic. Get immediately actionable, data-informed and prioritized recommendations for improvement from our detailed diagnostic evaluation of your site from an online conversion perspective. Want to run statistically valid conversion optimization A/B/n or MVT tests on your site? You’ll also get actionable test hypotheses.

Step 1


Because understanding your business model and your website’s objectives are key to improving the conversion rate, we start with you completing a conversion-oriented preparatory questionnaire. We then meet via online video conference and go through your top-priority website pages and learn more about its user experience, design, and objectives.

Step 2

Diagnostic Evaluation

With all the necessary information ready, we start the conversion analysis of your web property. We explore the variables that impact your conversion rate: how to optimize your value proposition, establish clarity, improve the content relevance, maximize urgency, remove anxiety, minimize distractions and leverage the visual hierarchy (among other criteria we know from years of running conversion optimization experiments).

Step 3

Preliminary Report Workshop

Well prepared, we'll conduct an online video conference workshop with you and your broader team (web, sales, marketing, design... bring everyone) in a lively ego-less discussion and go through your top web pages. In this lively and interactive 90 minutes, we use easy-to-understand language and explore not only what's is immediately obvious but also your hidden blindspots, and will challenge you to think harder about your business model.

Step 4

Final Report & Deliverables

After the Workshop, we'll review the preliminary report and updates it based on your workshop feedback. Within a week, you get the final Report with actionable recommendations, both short-term and long term and a video recording of the live Report Workshop.

Now you can immediately implement the prioritized recommendations, or run statistically valid conversion optimization tests - and enjoy an improved conversion rate.

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